The U.S. Congressional Appropriations Sub-Committee Hearings, which focused on USAID's (U.S. Agency for International Development) 1997 annual budget request, resulted in the report "Building New Leadership in Central Europe", (View) published by World Learning, Inc. Due to IMMA Ltd 's outstanding success providing management services for USAID, it was featured in the report presented to Sub-Committee Hearings. Furthermore, IMMA Ltd's experience facilitating trade linkages between U.S. and Central Europe continues to clearly validate the success of U.S. contractor professional programs, as defined by Congress in the Support for East European Democracies (SEED) Act.

By virtue of IMMA Ltd's mission to welcome distinguished international heads of state to the U.S., a unique insight into the economic impact of high-level contact between the U.S. and other countries has been created.

"The more contact we have with individuals who have decisions-making capabilities, the more opportunities for positive results and new business ventures."

- Caroline Krawiec Brownstone, President/CEO, IMMA Ltd

"I want to express USAID Prague's appreciation of the high quality of program that IMMA Ltd prepared and successfully delivered to the group of Czech municipal finance officers during their participant training in the United States... I enclose an interview with Mr. Jech and Ms. Pospisilova about their training as published in the UTI's Information Service July Issue for their 1500 member municipalities. Again, thank you for working with USAID on this successful project."

- Robert Posner, Acting USAID Representative, Czech Republic


"On behalf of the World Affairs Council of Northern California, I would like to thank you for hosting a dinner for (former) President Kwasniewski of Poland on June 6th and inviting Council Trustees to take part. It was an incredibly thoughtful gesture to bring this opportunity to the Council and to host (the event) at your home. Your commitment to the Council is an example of the strong leadership and commitment from our Board of Trustees."

- Jane Wales, President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Northern California

"I would like to express appreciation for the assistance provided by IMMA during the recent U.S. training program of the World Learning/TRANSIT-Europe Garment Production Technology Group from Albania. There were several incidents of concern during the program and the quick and attentive trouble-shooting by you and your associate, Mr. Gregg Brown, was essential to the continued well-being of the group. Your personal involvement in this program and the care and consideration shown to the participants is much appreciated and was commented on by the participants and interpreters as well."

- Jim Nindel, EGAT/ED/FS, USAID

"The international knowledge and the experience with everyday U.S. operations that I gained during the training at International Management and Marketing Associates are invaluable."

- Mr. H.E. Janusz Stansczyk, Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the United Nations

"I would like to congratulate you on the successful program you and your staff organized for the Polish Government Post G-7 Delegation. It was definitely one of the best I have seen organized by anyone. I believe you are doing a great job promoting the development of commerce between the United States and Poland."

- Piotr Moncarz, Ph.D., Vice President of International Operations, Exponent, Inc.


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