Public & Private Sector Notable Projects
Armenia, Central Bank of Armenia, Bank Supervision, Project Phase II

In support of USAID's initiative for Central and Eastern Europe and the "New Independent State-Banking Supervision Assistance Project", IMMA Ltd provided advisory and logistical support services for the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) as a subcontractor to BearingPoint (formerly Barents Group/KPMG Consulting). IMMA Ltd's commitment provided management advisory, logistical support services for the training participants in Seattle, Washington with the Department of Financial Institutions in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporate negotiated and developed the training agreement with the National Bank of Poland NBP) in Warsaw, Poland. This training focused on the practical application of the banking system on an integrated basis designed for both classroom instruction and study tours providing opportunities for professional exchange. Following client evaluation surveys, IMMA was credited with providing an outstanding framework for successful learning outcomes, and the participants judged the program a complete success.

Bulgaria, Media Associations

Under USAID's strategic objectives in support of Bulgaria's media associations, IMMA Ltd developed a powerful technical and management program conducted in both Washington D.C. and San Francisco and tailored to meet specific U.S. Government criteria objectives to develop post Soviet independent media organizations and to broaden the technical expertise of Bulgarian media professionals. These principal objectives were to increase independent media industry, ensuring public access to multiple information sources and improve better-informed citizen participation in public policy decision-making. The IMMA Ltd high-level program included significant meetings with U.S. media CEOs and managers of the Association of America's Public Television Stations, National Association of Broadcasters, the Alliance for Community Media, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National, the National Writers Union, ABC7 Television News, Media Alliance, and National Federation of Community Broadcasters. This dynamic national project focused on the complex issues facing radio and television media associations in the emerging democracies. (View Project Photos)

Ukraine, Moldova & Belarus, Women Entrepreneurs

IMMA Ltd developed and implemented a USAID-sponsored Regional Country Project "Women Entrepreneurship" business skill development program for a delegation of women small business owners from the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. In addition to developing the skills necessary for the expansion of participants' businesses, including one-on-one practical SME business development counseling and exposure to western concepts of entrepreneurship, the specialized program resulted in the creation of the first regional professional women's business association in Ukraine. IMMA Ltd also developed project and program management consulting and training services for the USAID project, "Creating Economic Opportunities for Women," for women entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Belarus. Conducted by IMMA Ltd in Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., the program served as the basis for a 9-part TV documentary series that aired nationally in Ukraine. These projects contribute to women's economic empowerment, which in turn builds greater regional economic stability.

Albania, Sustainable Farming/Integrated Pest Management

IMMA Ltd was responsible for development and implementation of the USAID specialized program to help draft legislation in Albania to establish standards for integrated farm produce using reduced amounts of chemicals and establish certification mechanisms for produce. The program was designed to provide project management, one-on-one SME agribusiness development counseling and technical assistance for a USAID-sponsored delegation of Albania agricultural specialists. Among the visiting group were members of the Albanian Parliament, the president of the Agricultural University of Tirana, directors of key Albanian research institutes, and members of the Albanian Organic Agricultural Association. Technical training focused on sustainable farming and integrated pest management for the Albanian Olive Oil industry.

The highly successful program resulted in the creation of an Organic Agriculture Conference in Tirana and national legislation for organic certification infrastructure and procedures in Albania. The visiting specialists were introduced to the certification process of California organic farmers and the standards for food processing.


Lithuania, USAID/IMMA Ltd Energy Sector Reform, Regulation and Restructuring Report

During the first years of independence, Lithuania moved quickly to create a market-oriented economy.  To reduce the government's role managing the monolithic energy sector, considerable legislative and institutional change was required.  And to separate energy policy and regulation from the commercial function of energy companies, an independent regulatory body became necessary.  Thus, in 1995 a new National Control Commission for Energy Prices and Energy Activities (NCC) was created, with the USAID stepping in to initiate an in-country bilateral program to strengthen the new institution with an energy safety policy program.  Jointly, IMMA Ltd programmed its support with USAID to achieve the objectives of NCC by facilitating a management and organizational training program which included advisory services, institutional restructuring legal and regulatory issues of the energy sector, tariff setting, public relations, the implementation of strategic plans, and policy support for NCC members.  In four years the NCC developed into a major institutional player realizing considerable progress rationalizing energy pricing, removing subsidies, and bringing prices closer to a actual costs. Today, the NCC is one of the most advanced new regulatory institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.  The partnership between the U.S. and Lithuania continues today, far beyond formal projects, providing a valuable asset in future work. -- USAID/Lithuania Energy Program Report.

Fourth Group of Seven (G-7) West-East Conference - IMMA Ltd Official Republic of Poland Delegate


In 1996 IMMA Ltd 's CEO, Caroline Krawiec Brownstone, served as an official delegate of the Republic of Poland Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations at The Fourth West-East Conference of Ministers of Economy, Industry and Trade of G-7 (Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States), and Reforming Countries (Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic Estonia, European Union, Hungary, Kazakstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, and Ukraine). Business leaders called for a reduction in direct government involvement, an increase in government-business communication, an improved public understanding of the role of foreign investment, a strengthened judicial system, reduction in bureaucratic obstruction in decision making, improved management training and privatization techniques, a liberalized access to markets, and an increased reliance on international product standards and approval procedures. Conference summary recommendations reflected the vibrant need for business-government communication, cooperation, and improved government attention to the requirements of business.

Poland, Republic of Poland, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Trade Delegation
IMMA Ltd organized and directed a ministerial level trade delegation for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations in Warsaw. This senior Polish trade and investment delegation traveled to California, including the following Polish government officials and business leaders: Minister of Foreign Economic Relations; Undersecretary of State, Central Office of Planning; Minister-Counselor for Economic Affairs, Embassy, Washington D.C.; Director, Department of Foreign Economic Relations; Chair of Polish Agency for Foreign Investors and Vice President, Elektrim S.A.; and Editor of Nowe Zycie Gospolarcze (Poland's leading national economic newspaper). Meetings included representatives from the following California-based organizations: Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, Esq.; San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; Hewlett-Packard Company; Attorney General, State of California; Sacramento World Trade Center; The Hoover Institute; Failure Analysis Assoc. (now Exponent, Inc.); International Cargo Services Corporation; and California Manufacturing Corporation.
Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Berlin, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and World Affairs Council Comparative Study Program conducted on site
In a unique political and economic climate in 1986, IMMA Ltd provided leadership and management expertise in Central/Eastern Europe by creating successful development, organization, and implementation of the Comparative Study Program conducted on-site in the former Eastern Bloc of the former Soviet Union for a delegation from the World Affairs Council of Northern California. This ministerial-level program was designed in the U.S. and delivered on-site in Poland, Hungary, the former Czechoslovakia and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) of that time. This foundation strongly facilitates IMMA Ltd's expertise in the region today. The study areas included pro-democracy movements, entrepreneurship, and rebirth of civil society.

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